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Steelers Free Agents

February 8, 2009

The Steelers are going to have a busy off-season if they hope to keep their 2008-2009 Super Bowl team intact.

Here’s a list of all of the unrestricted free agents:

QB Charlie Batch
QB Byron Leftwich
WR Nate Washington
G Chris Kemoeatu
T Trai Essex
T Max Starks
T Marvel Smith
DE Orpheus Roye
LB Keyaron Fox
LB Andre Frazier
CB Fernando Bryant
CB Bryant McFadden
P Mitch Berger

Some big names there but to me the most important are: Kemoeatu, Essex, Starks, Smith and McFadden. The offensive line took a lot of heat for their poor performance this year but it’s an absolute must that the Steelers find a way to sign most of these guys back. I haven’t taken a look at other free agent OL but it’s always easier to build a successful team from within than looking to free agency. I would expect the Steelers to have a boring draft this year, and by that I mean I expect them to draft a lot of linemen. They’ve proven this season that they’re not a deep team at line and that there is definate need for improvement. As for McFadden, I think he’s one of the best young CBs in the game and a must sign.

Here’s the list of restricted free agents:

TE Sean McHugh RFA
T Willie Colon RFA
LB Arnold Harrison RFA
CB Anthony Madison RFA
S Anthony Smith RFA

Not a lot of big names there. I’d expect the Steelers to be able to hold onto Colon and Smith as they’d obviously be priorities for the Steelers. I can’t see a lot of teams going after Smith, so unless there is an insanely high offer I expect him to be back. Colon is likely to draw a decent amount of interest but I consider him an important piece to the Steeler offense and would be surprised to see the Steelers not match any offers.

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