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Roethlisberger Played Super Bowl Hurt

February 9, 2009

Ben Roethlisberger told that he played the Super Bowl with two fractured ribs. Roesthlisberger said the x-rays he received before the game didn’t reveal any fractures but the post game MRI did.

“Fractured ribs,” Roethlisberger said. “Luckily, in the game, I didn’t take any big hits to make ’em hurt. But I knew all along there was something wrong. There wouldn’t have been anything they could have done about fractured ribs anyway. It was just suck it up and play.” From

I think this just adds another wrinkle to Ben’s future status as a legendary quarterback. His drive to score the go-ahead points in the Super Bowl with under 3 minutes left is comparable to any drives led by Elway, Montana, Marino, Brady or any other quarterback that is considered top-tier. Add in the fact that it was a Super Bowl winning drive with two broken ribs and you’ve got an entire NFL Films hour.

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