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Musings: Maple Leafs 6, Penguins 2

February 14, 2009

Wow. Pens lose in Toronto 6-2. No Plus/Minus tonight. Just musings:

-It’s sad that I feel the need to give accolades to players who actually put in 60 minutes of effort: Tyler Kennedy, Max Talbot, Matt Cooke. Jordan Staal and Bill Thomas might also be deserving of this praise but I think their skates touched the ice for about 45 seconds in the third period.

-Take a nap before the game. Not during.

-Don’t come back to Pittsburgh, stay in Ontario and go to Kennedy’s residence. The whole team can crowd into the living room and watch his collection of Iditarod VHS tapes. The rest of the guys could use a little of whatever gets TK going and we know that he loves those dogs.

-Marc-Andre Fleury is still awesome but probably wants to stab some people. Some people named Ryan, Rob, Kris, Brooks, Sergei, and Mark. Le gardien de Pittsburgh accusé d’avoir mortellement poignardé les joueurs d’une équipe…

-The guys also need to get totally trashed and have a Therrien bitch session. Maybe this can also occur at the Kennedy household. No digital cameras allowed though, we’ve seen enough of Talbot’s bare ass.

Now a transcript of Michel Therrien’s thought processes:

Oh boy, Sid is under the weather tonight. I’ll make sure he gets a lot of icetime so he can drag his ass, especially when we’re down by multiple goals in the third period.

Staal and Thomas have been giving a lot of effort tonight. They’ve also developed some chemistry and have been producing some good scoring chances. That means they must sit around for 98% of the third.

Well, Geno and Sykie work great as a team. I really hate Sykie and I won’t let him play. It also thrills me to see Geno stand around and do nothing, so there’s another good reason to have Sykie join Staal and Thomas on the bench. Skyie needs to bond with Satan, too. What better place to do that than the bench? Do I smell a reunion of Czechoslovakia?

We need to score on this PP. Talbot? Are you ready to go?

Alright everyone, you know the drill. Put your name in the hat. Yes, Kris, you’re included. No, Kris, you don’t need to write your last name. Who’s the lucky guy who’s skating with Sid tonight? *Pulls name out of hat and reads slip of paper* Sid’s huge ass. Very funny, Max. *Pulls another name* Gonchar. Nope, too soon.

I wonder what kind of deals Orbitz is offering for late April?


Go Pens. I still love you.

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