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Plus/Minus: Penguins 5, Flyers 4

February 21, 2009

Penguins Flyers HockeyThe Penguins defeated the Flyers 5-4 this afternoon at Wachovia Center. Pittsburgh set the tone and was in control for most of the game.

The Pens seem to have taken Dan Bylsma’s message (aggression! speed!) to heart and their execution is at a rate that would make Robespierre blush. This is further proof that the guys tuned out Therrien.

Is the improvement a result of Bylsma’s coaching? Or is it simply just the lack of Therrien? Whatever, it doesn’t really matter. What matters are today’s two points and tomorrow’s game against the Caps. The Pens haven’t won three in a row since about 1969.


-Check, check it. Meet the first half of the Bylsma equation: aggression. The Pens were checking like it was their job…oh wait. Seriously though, Pittsburgh had a great defensive game with few breakdowns.

Penguins everywhere.


Ruslan Fedotenko: Five points. I’m pretty sure his broken hand was just a ruse to cover up the installation of his new bionic hand.


Marc-Andre Fleury. Clutch.


-Power Play. No explanation necessary.

-Broken Sticks. Two of the Flyers’ goals were the direct result of broken sticks. Braydon Coburn’s goal: Hal Gill’s stick broke. Mike Knuble: Gonchar’s stick. Check the Flyers’ locker room for hacksaws.

Overall +2 (+4, -2)

Hal Gill called the Pens “a new team.” I think he’s right.

And it’s always awesome to beat Philadelphia, a squad of goons without the charm of Reggie Dunlap or the Hanson brothers.

-Kris Letang: Où est-tu? Qu’as-tu fait?

-Big day tomorrow: Ovechkin is a turd. Go Avalanche, beat the Canes.

-Go Pens.

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